Quick Start Guide

Trace a Stream Trace a Stream: Click the down or up arrows and then a stream on the map to start a down- or upstream trace. Clicking these buttons will also clear any stream traces from the map.
Trace Information Trace Information: Display information about the stream trace (trace must be on the map).
Full Extent Full Extent: Zoom map out to the full extent.
Geolocate Geolocate: Zoom the map in to your location (geolocation must be supported and enabled).
Location Search Location Search: Open tools for searching for a map location.
Help Help: Display this Quick Start Guide.
Zoom In or Out Zoom In or Out: Zoom the map in or out.
Map Layers Map Layers: Open tools for adjusting map layers.

Map Layers

Base Map
Weather Radar

Geolocation Map Marker

(Geolocation must be supported and enabled)
Scale Bar

Location Search

Enter a location to find on the map:

Supported search terms include:

  • Street Address
    Example: 1505 ferguson lane austin tx
    Example: 1505 ferguson lane 78754
  • 5-digit U.S. postal (ZIP) code
    Example: 78754
  • Geographic latitude-longitude coordinate
    Example: 30.267 -97.743
    Example: 30.267, 97.743
    Example: 30.267, 97.743
    Example: 30 16 1.2, 97 44 34.8
    Example: 30 16.020; 97 44.580
  • Schools
    Example: houston elementary school tx
  • U.S. State or Territory name or 2-character abbreviation
    Example: texas
    Example: tx
  • Counties & political divisions
    Example: travis county tx
  • Cities & populated places
    Example: austin tx
  • Streams & canals
    Example: colorado river tx
  • Dams & levees
    Example: barker dam tx
  • Parks
    Example: alameda park tx
  • Forests & grasslands
    Example: fairchild state forest tx
  • Mountain ranges
    Example: elkins mountains tx
  • Swamps
    Example: alligator hole marsh tx
  • Basins
    Example: boggy basin tx
  • Bays & harbors
    Example: ayres bay tx
  • Beaches & capes
    Example: boca chica beach tx
  • Springs
    Example: adobe springs tx
  • Bends
    Example: allen bend tx
  • Falls
    Example: dittmar falls tx
  • Rapids
    Example: johnsons eddy tx
  • Glaciers
    Example: arey glacier
  • Islands
    Example: big bird island tx
  • Census divisions
    Example: midway north census tx

Trace Summary

Origin (latitude, longitude):
Origin Elevation (feet):
Origin Stream Name:
Distance Traced (miles):
Total County Population (2010):
Outlet Waterbody:
U.S. States (count):
U.S. Counties (count):
Cities (count):
Stream Names (count):
Waterbody Names (count):
USGS Stream Gages (count):


Detailed Report
Sorry, a detailed report is not available. The trace is too large.


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Streamer is a new way to visualize and understand water flow across America. With Streamer you can explore our Nation's major streams by tracing upstream to their source or downstream to where they empty. In addition to making maps, Streamer creates reports about your stream traces and the places they pass through.

Streamer is fueled by fundamental map data for the United States at one million-scale from The National Map Small Scale Collection.

This is the mobile version of Streamer. Click here to visit the full-sized Streamer application.


Please send feedback to the Streamer Team at:
U.S. Geological Survey Office

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