About This Report

This report provides information about the water bodies, streams, and streamflow gaging (measuring) stations along the routes that you trace using Streamer. It also identifies places (states, counties, and cities) your trace encounters as it moves downstream or upstream. Streamer uses one million-scale map layers from The National Map Small-Scale Collection.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) maintains a national network of gaging stations that measure streamflow and other water characteristics.

Click here for more information about this report and how to download The National Map Small-Scale Collection data.

Trace Details

Trace Direction: N/A
Trace Origin Stream Name: N/A
Trace Origin (latitude, longitude): N/A, N/A
Trace Origin Elevation (feet): N/A

Water Features

Total Length of Traced U.S. Streams (miles): N/A
Outlet Waterbody: N/A
USGS Stream Gages (count): N/A
Stream Names (count): N/A
Waterbody Names (count): N/A

Political Features

U.S. States (count): N/A
U.S. Counties (count): N/A
Total County Population (2010): N/A
Cities (count): N/A